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English Coordinator and English teacher in Sydney. Believes in the power of education. Passionate about pedagogy, how students learn, curriculum design and learning spaces. I am keenly interested in finding out more about how teachers have adapted their pedagogy in a 1:1 environment. I am also eternally grateful for the inspirational educators I worked with in my formative years of teaching. They opened my eyes to the power of what a deep understanding of pedagogy can do to enhance the learning opportunities for students.

Busy times and New Opportunities.

It has been such a busy time – new syllabus, new programming opportunities, new texts. Creating scopes and sequences, assessment schedules and really interesting teaching programs are probably the things I love doing as part of my role. As a … Continue reading

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Exciting times ahead

Now I know that all English teachers have no doubt begun to look at the new Stage 6 Syllabus and are thinking about ways they may program for year 11 in 2018. I must admit that programming is one of … Continue reading

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One of those days…

It is interesting how changes in the weather can affect the way that students behave. Today’s inclement weather and the almighty downpour happened right at lunchtime whilst I was on playground duty. Picture it: students sitting under trees, students playing … Continue reading

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Aren’t We All Writers?

‘Aren’t we all writers?’I was asked this question only today in class. One of my students quite innocently asked the question in response to me getting them to think a little more about the concept of writing and how we … Continue reading

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Four weeks in…

Can you believe that the first four weeks of term one are over and in a week’s time, half the term will be over! I honestly can’t believe how quickly time has flown! This term has been so busy and … Continue reading

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A new syllabus… new possibilities

So today has brought about a new English syllabus for Stage 6 – our year 11 and 12 students. Much has been captured in the media about these changes. Some of the more incredible headlines ‘mark a return to Shakespeare.’ … Continue reading

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Hey 2017! Great to be here!

When I think of all the new beginnings, the overwhelming sense of anticipation for the new school year and the sleepless nights in the lead up to ‘the first day’ I think that this year’s beginning has been a great … Continue reading

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