Moving into a new space…

I have just had the immense privilege of touring our new College building. This building will house a few English classrooms. Wonderful spaces with oh so much potential. There’s a green room, a performance space, lots of open spaces, natural lighting and water views. I don’t really think there is much more that a teacher could want!

These new spaces will continue to transform learning. Transform the learning of staff and the learning of students. These new spaces will redefine what is and isn’t possible in the classroom. Essentially, these new spaces will recontextualise teaching and learning in the best possible way.

At present, we are teaching in demountables. Demountables at the end of the school. So disconnected from the rest of the community that you could be forgiven for thinking we are in another place. The lovely views of the boats bobbing on the bay are great compensation, but I must admit I do miss the closeness of being near other classes, the energy that comes from being in close proximity to other students and teachers.

The new building will house a range of KLA’s which will make it a lot easier to connect and to create. Connecting and creating are important skills that our students need to be great citizens of the world. Making connections between knowledge studied in different disciplines and creating something with that knowledge is certainly a great skill.

One of my goals this year is to continue to refine our pedagogy so we meet the needs of each and every one of our students. The benefits of a new learning space that promotes flexibility and imagination are imperative and critical in this process. Improving the self-efficacy of students as learners, as well as the self-efficacy of teachers in spaces that redefine and challenge the boundaries of a traditional classroom are essentially my goals this year. I look forward to capturing these experiences and reflecting on them.



About acoure

English Coordinator and English teacher in Sydney. Believes in the power of education. Passionate about pedagogy, how students learn, curriculum design and learning spaces. I am keenly interested in finding out more about how teachers have adapted their pedagogy in a 1:1 environment. I am also eternally grateful for the inspirational educators I worked with in my formative years of teaching. They opened my eyes to the power of what a deep understanding of pedagogy can do to enhance the learning opportunities for students.
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