Taming the administrative beast

“How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” 
― Dr. Seuss

Dr Seuss captures my sentiments of semester one, most effectively. Most days I have felt like the hamster on the wheel, constantly running. Nine week terms are great in term four, but are horrendous in term two. This term has really got me thinking about time. I know that the great Albert Einstein said that 

“time is an illusion”

                                                                                      and while it feels like that during the holidays, it certainly feels like a reality in my daily working life. I have found this term has challenged me to prioritise a whole range of tasks. My closest friends and colleagues would know that the aspects of my role that I love most, are working with people to build capacity and recognise potential. I also love curriculum design and programming great teaching units. The aspects that seem to take up most of my time are the administrative elements – which are vitally important to my role, but are incredibly time consuming. How to find the balance between the creative elements and the administrative elements has been successful in previous terms, but this term not so successful. I can’t quite pinpoint the reasons why, but I know that time seems to be an issue. I think an extra week would have been great, but I have no control over the term calendar. 

I have found some interesting links at the Fast Company website that look at ways of using time more effectively in the workplace. I’m going to give some of the strategies a go, to see if I can tame the administrative beast in term three and spend more time on what I love most… creativity in leadership. 

So in the next few weeks, I’m going to trial some of the strategies to improve efficiency in completing administrative tasks. If I can tame the beast, then I can get on with the business of creativity. I am going to trial different strategies that you can find here

I will review some strategies here in my blog, that I think might help educators manage the increasing number of administrative tasks that now form part of their role. 

If you have some great ideas, feel free to let me know and I can add them to an upcoming blogpost. 


About acoure

English Coordinator and English teacher in Sydney. Believes in the power of education. Passionate about pedagogy, how students learn, curriculum design and learning spaces. I am keenly interested in finding out more about how teachers have adapted their pedagogy in a 1:1 environment. I am also eternally grateful for the inspirational educators I worked with in my formative years of teaching. They opened my eyes to the power of what a deep understanding of pedagogy can do to enhance the learning opportunities for students.
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