Learning Management Systems

There are so many learning management systems out there! They are quite necessary because they allow for a seamless integration of a range of teaching and learning tools to be brought together in the one space. There are indeed, numerous benefits to keeping information together. For students, they are able to work within the one frame, which can be quite helpful.

I am trialling Connected Learning Communities cLc. Have only just begun this trial, so it is still early days. I look forward to playing with the myriad of resources and opportunities to really personalise the learning experiences of my students.

Will keep you posted!

On another note, I have enrolled in the ADE Institute, to be held in April!


About acoure

English Coordinator and English teacher in Sydney. Believes in the power of education. Passionate about pedagogy, how students learn, curriculum design and learning spaces. I am keenly interested in finding out more about how teachers have adapted their pedagogy in a 1:1 environment. I am also eternally grateful for the inspirational educators I worked with in my formative years of teaching. They opened my eyes to the power of what a deep understanding of pedagogy can do to enhance the learning opportunities for students.
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